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Job seeking in Finland: How to do it

18.12.2019 9:00
18.12.2019 11:00
Valmennukset, Webinaari

This webinar is for jobseekers who have recently started their job seeking in Finland. The webinar is for unemployed jobseekers, jobseekers who are under a threat of unemployment and for those who cannot participate the trainings in Finnish.


  • Practical information about the Finnish working life
  • Which factors matter when applying a job in Finland
  • What kind of channels to use when looking for a job
  • Hidden jobs and how to find them
  • What kind of service can you get from TE-office to support your active job seeking


Please submit your registration to the lecture through the link below. You will receive the confirmation of your participation by email. Please note that the broadcast will not open until the lecture begins.

Registration for the webinar

During the webinar you are able to participate and ask questions in the chat. The best browsers to use for the webinar are Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The material used in the training is owned by Spring House Ltd. and will not be distributed to the participants. The lecture is intended for unemployed jobseekers and for those who are in risk of becoming one.