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Webinar: Seasonal Work Opportunities in the Countryside

4.6.2020 13:00
4.6.2020 15:00
Övriga, Träningar, Webinaari

Finnish farms need seasonal labor right now, but work will be available well into the autumn. There are many types of work, from planting seedlings to picking berries. Seasonal workers are needed to secure the domestic harvest on the Finnish table.

By taking part in the webinar, you will get current information about the diverse seasonal work opportunities in the countryside and understand better the importance of the work. During the lecture, we will review the skills that seasonal work requires from the employees. We will look at the current positions in the field and the positions that will be available in the coming period. By attending the lecture, you will understand where to find seasonal jobs and what they mean in practice. You will be able to identify your qualities to be utilized in seasonal work and use the right job search channels to grab yourself a job.

Content of the Webinar

  • Which seasonal industries employ and when?
  • Why would I go as a seasonal worker to agriculture, horticulture, wild berry picking or reforestation?
  • Where to find seasonal jobs?
  • What kind of work do seasonal workers do?
  • Where can seasonal workers stay? 
  • General work rules for seasonal work such as pay and working hours.


Please submit your registration to the webinar through the link below and you will receive confirmation of your participation by email. Please note that the broadcast will not open until the webinar begins.

Registration for the Webinar

You can follow the webinar by using most of the mobile devices, so you are able to participate regardless of your location. You can also take part in the chat during the webinar. The best browsers to use are Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The material used in the webinar is owned by Spring House Ltd. and will not distributed to the participants.