This is how we process an application

Each application is processed individually.

We recommend that you become acquainted with the guidelines on the general conditions for the use of foreign labour of the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The partial decision of the TE Office is based on an overall consideration which includes the availability of labour, the conditions of employment, and the assessment of the employer's and employee's qualifications.

Availability of labour

The TE Office will assess whether suitable labour is available within a reasonable period of time for the vacancy in the local labour market area (EU/EEA area). In the consideration of labour availability, the TE Office may require the employer to advertise the vacancy in its own employment services ( and in the European cooperation network EURES services. If appropriate labour is realistically available within a reasonable time period, there is no justification for granting the residence permit for the employee.

Terms of employment

The TE Office shall ensure that the conditions of the offered employment are appropriate. This is decided on by the TE Office on the basis of the employer's notification of the terms of the employment relationship on the form (TEM054) attached to the application.

Finnish labour law and Finnish sectoral collective bargaining agreements are to be applied in the foreign worker's terms of employment. The conditions of the foreigner's employment relationship must correspond to Finnish workers in the same field in all respects, including salary. Also employees sent to Finland by a foreign employer shall be subject to at least the remuneration level of Finnish labour law and of the sector for the work carried out in Finland. Employment information and information about the provisions of collective agreements in various sectors can be obtained from the Regional State Administrative Agency's (AVI) Occupational Safety and Health Department and labour market organisations.

Employer and employee qualifications

The TE Office assesses whether the employer has realistic qualifications and the will to take care of its employer obligations.  In order to resolve these issues, the TE Office may ask the employer for additional information, such as a tax liability certificate, an insurance certificate for paid statutory insurance premiums, salary certificates, information on the employer's work sites in Finland, or an auditor's statement on the company's ability to pay salaries. 

When evaluating the qualifications of the worker, the TE Office shall ensure that the worker has the training and permits required for the work (e.g. a hygiene proficiency certificate). The TE Office must also be assured that the employee's livelihood in Finland is secured by gainful employment.

Processing time inquiries

The employer may obtain information from the TE Office's telephone service or from the Helsinki office at Antinkatu 1. Please have the applicant's customer number in order for us to find the correct application information.

Requests for expedited service

A request to expedite the application process very rarely speeds it up. A request for expedited service must be made in writing (by e-mail or by correspondence). However, we do not recommend that you send a request for expedited service, because the handling of many such requests congests our service.

Prior information on the qualifications for granting a residence permit for an employee

The employer may request a free advance ruling on the qualifications for granting the residence permit for an employed person (TTOL). An advance ruling is requested on the form of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM054 1. Select "Application for an advance ruling"), and you will receive it in about two weeks. The advance ruling is not a partial decision on the application of the residence permit for an employed person, but provides advance information on possible future investigations if the application is submitted.