Insurance cover during the service

Insurance cover in try-outs, training and coaching

The insurance is valid during the following services

  • job search training
  • job coaching
  • career coaching
  • education try-outs
  • recruitment trial
  • work try-outs at workplaces

Liability insurance

The liability insurance provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment covers the personal injuries and damage to property for which the person participating in the try-outs, training and coaching is liable in accordance with the Tort Liability Act. A group liability insurance is valid during work assignments and does thus not cover damage occurring, e.g. on the way from home to the place where the service is provided.

The insurance covers injury and damage caused to the service provider or an outside party. The insurance does not cover injury and damage caused to the person participating in the service or his or her family (e.g. broken eyeglasses during work try-out).

After the occurrence of injury or damage, the organiser of the try-out, training, trial or coaching must fill out a declaration of damage together with the person participating in the service responsible for causing the damage.

The declaration of damage must include the following:

  • report on the damage
  • what the service concerned (work try-out, job search training etc.)
  • the name, personal ID number and contact information of the service participant
  • the original payment receipts
  • a copy of the agreement or decision on the service

The declaration of damage is sent to the TE Office, which will submit the reimbursement claim to the insurance company.

Injuries and occupational diseases

Work-related accidents and occupational diseases affecting persons taking part in coaching or a work trial agreed with a TE Office receive compensation from the State Treasury. Compensation cannot be paid through the accident insurance of the company where a work trial takes place. Mention this to the employer at the place of the work trial. Compensation is based on the Worker's Compensation Act.

Typical work-related injuries are cases of slipping and falling that occur at the workplace or while commuting between the home and work. An accident is a sudden and unexpected event resulting from an external factor, which results in an injury or illness. A work-related accident occurs at the workplace, in the area of the workplace, or outside the area of the workplace while performing work-related duties.

In the event of an accident, take these steps:

  1. Report the accident immediately to your TE Office and the place of the work trial. Retain any paid invoices/receipts for visits to a doctor and for medicines yourself.
  2. The TE Office will report the injury to the State Treasury; you do not need to submit an accident report yourself. Give the TE Office a detailed description of the accident as well as your contact information.
  3. If treatment of the injury requires an MRI scan or a procedure, we will provide an advance commitment of expenditure from the State Treasury.

More information on the insurance coverage is provided by the TE Office that has made the agreement of the service. When making the agreements on the training, coaching and try-outs, the TE Office will inform the service participants and providers about the insurances and their terms.