null Changes in customer service at Lapland TE Office due to COVID-19

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus and ensure our service capability, Lapland TE Office serves customers mainly only in the Oma asiointi online service at (available in Finnish and Swedish) and by phone on weekdays from 9.00 to 16.15.

Main telephone services:

Lapland TE Office postal address:
Lapin TE-toimisto
Kirjaamo, PL 1000, 96101 Rovaniemi

Getting started as a jobseeker:

Register as a jobseeker on the first day of your unemployment at the latest in the Oma asiointi e-service (in Finnish and Swedish). You will receive a reply acknowledging that your registration was successful. The reply includes the information you provided, the period how long your job search is valid, and instructions on how to proceed. If you cannot login to the service using e-identification, you can register as a jobseeker by calling the TE Office telephone service at +358 295 025 713.

Oma asiointi e-service (in Finnish and Swedish)

Leave a callback request in the Oma asiointi service or by calling the telephone service.

For the full list of contact details for Lapland TE Office: