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Entrepreneurs’ entitlement to labour market subsidies ends on 30 November 2021

During the coronavirus pandemic, Kela has been able to pay labour market subsidies to entrepreneurs under certain conditions, even if the entrepreneur’s business activities had not ceased completely. The law is in force until 30 November 2021. From the start of December, if you are an entrepreneur, you can receive unemployment benefits from Kela or an unemployment fund if your business activity has stopped and you have become unemployed. The Uusimaa TE Office can investigate the termination of business activity with a request for information.

If you want to ensure that your job search remains valid, send us a contact request in E-services. If you are working as an entrepreneur and you are not applying for unemployment benefits, you can end your job search in E-services.

More information about unemployment allowances for entrepreneurs:

If you cannot use E-services, you can call our telephone service on 0295 020 713 or send us a contact request message

Business development services - Uusimaa TE Office

The Uusimaa TE Office provides the Kasvuväylä service to support SMEs in business development.

Kasvuväylä is a free expert service for companies and entrepreneurs. We can help you with all business development needs, whether they are related to business financing, growth, change, or other individual service needs.  Contact us for personal advice from Kasvuväylä experts.

The easiest way to contact us and find out about our services is to complete the development assessment for free online. The assessment provides an overview of the most important targets for your company’s development. You can also print the form:

The expertise of the Team Finland network at your company’s disposal

As part of the Team Finland network, TE Offices provide services for SMEs seeking to grow and internationalise.

Together, the Team Finland members – Business Finland, Finnvera Plc, the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (including the Enterprise Finland telephone service and Yrittäjän talousapu counselling service), TE Offices and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – can help your company. Based on the information you provide, a contact request will be sent to the most appropriate Team Finland member.

Regional enterprise services also offer free advice

In Uusimaa, free business advice is also available from the regional development companies and the economic development departments of municipalities and cities. Their role is to improve the conditions for enterprises in their respective areas, but they also provide advice on business development and information about the available forms of corporate financing.