null Entrepreneurs’ labor market subsidy

The Finnish Government has proposed to extend the temporary right of entrepreneurs to labour market support until the end of November, 2021. The extension is waiting for an approval from the Parliament of Finland.

As an entrepreneur, you are temporarily eligible to receive labor market subsidy if you meet one of the following preconditions:

  • An entrepreneur is entitled to receive labor market subsidy if the number of hours worked has dropped significantly (the company no longer employs the entrepreneur full-time)


  • The entrepreneur’s income has fallen significantly (The entrepreneurship may have continued full-time, but the entrepreneurial income is less than 1,089.67 € per month per each entrepreneur working in the company.

Lapland TE Services’ Instructions for entrepreneurs receiving the labor market subsidy

The specialists at Lapland's TE services will extend the validity of your statement to the payer of labor market subsidy (KELA) until 30.11.2021.

You do not need to do anything if your situation has not changed from the information you
previously provided, meaning that Covid-19 affects your business so that in your situation one of the preconditions is still met.

What you need to do if your situation has changed / will change?
If you are employed full-time (either through your own business or otherwise)

  • Inform TE services about your full-time employment and end your job search via My Services from TE Services website (My Service (in Finnish))

If there have been changes in your income, but Covid-19 still affects your income

  • Report the changes in your income to the labor market subsidy payer (KELA). Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the increased amount of protected income is also extended until 30.11.2021.

If there have been other changes in your business and you need personal service

  • Request to be contacted by a TE Services specialist via My Services from TE Services’ website (My Service (in Finnish)). We will contact you within 5 working days
  • You can also call the Lapland Employment and Economic Development Services Mon-Fri 09:00-16:15 tel. 0295 039 502.

According to an amendment of the law that entered into force on 1.8.2020, an entrepreneur is not entitled to unemployment benefit if he or she starts full-time work lasting more than two weeks. Please use the My Service online tool for reporting any changes.

More information

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