Career Path Coaching in plain Finnish

Unfortunately Career Path Coaching in plain Finnish is not available at the moment. We aim to provide coaching during Spring 2022.

We will add a link to this page when the coaching starts again.

Services are carried out online.

You will learn about different kinds of jobs and schools. Your coach will communicate with you in plain Finnish. He or she will help you to identify your strengths and a career that suits you. You will learn how to look for a job or enrol on a training course.

The course begins with group sessions. Group sessions will run between approximately 9.00 am and 3.00 pm from Monday to Friday for 25 days.

After the group stage, coaching will continue for approximately three months. You will get approximately three hours of coaching each month. In addition to an experienced coach, you will also have the support of a recruitment expert, an expert in educational services and a Finnish language tutor.

After the course,

  • you will know what kinds of jobs to apply for,
  • you will be able to write a good job application in Finnish,
  • you will understand your weaknesses and know how to apply for training courses, and
  • you will know how to use a computer to apply for jobs online.

There is no course fee. You may be entitled to unemployment benefits while you are on the course.

This course could be a good option after you have reached at least level A2.2 in your Finnish language lessons. You will need to understand slow-paced spoken Finnish and be able to speak and write simple Finnish yourself.  

The coaching service is provided by an independent partner of your local TE Office. Read more about Career Path Coaching in plain Finnish: