Application process

Applying for a residence permit for an employed person (The worker's first residence permit application and application for a permit extension)

1. If an employer wants to hire an foreign worker from outside the EU/EEA, the employer must provide the applicant with a job offer, confirming that the applicant will be hired to work.

2. Only the applicant can apply for a residence permit for an employed person (TTOL) either from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), a Finnish Embassy, or the E-service in Enter Finland. The permit is applied for with the Immigration form (OLE_TY1). The employee is required to visit either a Finnish Embassy or the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) to be identified.

3. The employer attaches a carefully completed TEM054 form to the application. Select "Attachment to the employee's residence permit application."

  • For more information about filling in and submitting the TEM054 form, please refer to "Guidelines for filling out the TEM054 form."
  • For more information on submitting other attachments, please refer to "If you want to expedite the processing of your application, please provide at least the following attachments with your application."

4. The permit is granted in two phases. The local TE Office will initiate the processing of the permit after receiving the information for the application from the Finnish Embassy or the Finnish Immigration Service. The TE Office will make a partial decision in the matter, after which its final resolution will be made by the Finnish Immigration Service.

  • The decision of the TE Office is based on an overall consideration which includes the availability of labour, the conditions of employment, and the assessment of the employer's and employee's qualifications.
  • The time for processing applications in the Uusimaa TE Office varies according to the current working situation and depending on any additional explanations that may be needed.

5. The Finnish Immigration Service will notify of the final decision. The decision of the Finnish Immigration Service will be accompanied by the partial decision by the TE Office and instructions for an appeal to the Administrative Court.

6. The residence permit for an employed person (TTOL) is valid for one or more professional sectors and is either temporary or continuous.

Instructions for filling out the TEM054 form

1. The employer must fill out the TEM054 form carefully.

2. The conditions of employment stated on the TEM054 form must correspond to the employment conditions actually applied.

3. The TEM054 form must be signed by a responsible person duly authorized by the company. If the employer wishes to extend the number of persons with signing rights, the responsible person shall provide the TE Office with a list of persons who can sign the TEM054 form.

4. Please note that we will also send any requests for additional information to the postal and e-mail addresses indicated on the TEM054 form.

5. The TEM054 form must be completed in full. In addition, special accuracy should be used in section "4. Core terms of employment."

- Additional instructions on filling out the form:

  • Main tasks
    • The main duties should be clearly indicated (e.g. "chef" or "cleaner"). If a worker has several main duties (e.g. "cleaning and cooking"), the division of duties shall be indicated (i.e. the percentage of working time a person uses for each duty).
  • Indicate the duration of the work and whether it is a temporary or a permanent (open-ended) employment relationship with the specified dates.
  • Report regular working hours per week or per month.
  • Salary
    • The amount of the salary shall be indicated and whether it is an hourly or monthly salary.
  • Collective bargaining agreement
    • Specify the exact name of the collective agreement to be followed.
  • The main locality of the work
    • Indicate in which locality the employee is to be principally employed.

6. The carefully completed TEM054 form can be attached to the application via Enter Finland, or the applicant may submit the form filled out by the employer to the Finnish Immigration Service or the Finnish Embassy at the time of submitting of the application.

Instructions for using Enter Finland

  • Enter Finland can be found here.
  • The employer must establish an account meant for the employer.
  • You can submit part of the attachments to the application via Enter Finland.
  • You can keep track of the application status via the service, which means you don't have to queue up in our telephone service.
  • You will be informed of the decision of the Finnish Immigration Service and of the Employment and Economic Development (TE) Office.
  • If you employ a third-country national, you can make the declaration of employees required by the Aliens Act.
  • You can pay for the application on behalf of your employee.

If you want to expedite the processing of your application, please provide at least the following attachments with your application:

1. A certificate of payment of taxes or, if applicable, a payment plan for the payment of taxes.

2. Proof of payment of statutory insurance premiums (occupational pension and accident insurance) or a payment plan, if any, drawn up with an insurance company.

3. Proof of statutory occupational health care.

4. The employee's work and school certificates, as well as any other certificates (for example, a hygiene proficiency certificate or driver's license) for the profession in which the employee is coming to work (in the case of an employee's first residence permit application).

5. An explanation of the employer's previous attempts to recruit labour for the task for which he is now recruiting labour outside the EU/EEA (in the case of an employee's first residence permit application).

6. Monthly salary slips for the duration of the previous authorisation showing at least the following information: Payer's and payee's name, hourly and/or monthly salary with possible specifications, number of hours worked by the employee, withholding tax, as well as the statutory insurance premiums (in the case of an application for an extension residence permit).

What do I do if the TE Office sends me a request for additional information?

- Please check carefully that you have responded to all points on the request for additional information.

- It is very important to respond to the request for additional information within the given deadline.

- To respond to requests for additional information:

  • You can submit explanations also via Enter Finland.
  • If you submit documents related to the request for additional information by post or e-mail, please include the original request for additional information. This will speed up processing.
    • If you submit explanations by e-mail, do the following:
      • Scan the request for clarification you received as an attachment to the reply.
      • Scan the other documents as an attachment in PDF format.
      • Label the message: "Explanation for work permit case: Customer number"
      • E-mail it to the address: tyoluvat.uusimaa(at)
    • The request for additional information can also be answered by post to:

      Uusimaa TE Office
      Work Permit Services
      Antinkatu 1
      00100 Helsinki, Finland