Start-Up Plus 2.0 service can boost your company's sales and marketing!

Startti Plus 2.0 service will be renewed. Please note that registration for the Startti Plus 2.0 service ends on January 31, 2023. You will find more information on the renewed service and also the registration form on this web page in February 2023.


Uusimaa TE Office is offering, together with the muncipalities participating in the local government pilots on employment, start-up grant recipients in its area the free Start-Up Plus 2.0 specialist service. The purpose of the service is to provide entrepreneurs with a good foundation for profitability and business growth and to support the development of entrepreneurs' marketing skills. Read more on Start-Up Plus 2.0. specialist service:

Participation in the Start-Up Plus service is recommended within 3-6 months of starting a business. The basic service provides the entrepreneur with sparring support for strengthening their sales and developing their marketing skills. In addition, the consultant draws up for the entrepreneur a development plan which focuses on sales and marketing development.

The service represents a continuation of the Start-Up Plus service, which was launched in 2017 and which received excellent customer feedback. The service has now been developed so that after receiving the basic service, the entrepreneur can now also benefit from up to four free follow-up consultations over a half year period. The meetings deepen the entrepreneur's sales and marketing capacities, and also make it possible to support them in carrying out the development plan.

This service is carried out by Uusimaa TE Office's eight contract partners, from which the entrepreneur that has received the start-up grant may choose the one that suits them best. You can read more about these contract partners via the links at the bottom of the page.

For more information on how to apply for the Startti Plus service, please email the Uusimaa TE Office at

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