Job vacancies

Most of the jobs are published in the following websites:

European Online Job Days 

These Europe-wide recruitment events, e.g., Finland Works, match jobseekers with employers in EU/EEA countries. 

Occupational Barometer 

A useful tool for comparing labour force supply and demand in different parts of Finland and in different job sectors: 

EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) 

If you are a citizen of EU, Norway or Iceland and are invited to a job interview or find a job in these countries, check the possibility for support from: 

Job application and CV 

You can directly contact and send your CV to companies in Finland even if they do not have open vacancies at the moment. We recommend you research the potential companies in the sectors that you are interested in. Many company websites in Finland are also in English and you can find their open vacancies and application forms there. 

Once you have found a vacancy that interests you, make sure you submit a job application that meets the requirements stated in the ad. Generally, the length of the application/cover letter is one page and the CV max. two pages. You can use e.g. 

Social media in job seeking 


If you are thinking about starting a business have a look at: 

Recognition of qualifications 

If the qualifications required in a profession are laid down by law, you will need a decision on the recognition of your qualifications. For more information: 


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