Managing issues with an authorisation

The personal customers of the TE Services may use an authorisation to grant another person the right to manage the issues specified in the authorisation document.

As a general rule, authorisation must be always provided in writing. The authorisation can be valid until further notice or for a fixed term.

You may provide authorisation:

  • by filling in and signing the authorisation form:
    Authorisation for managing issues at the TE Office
    pdf, 1010 kt
    Word, 75,5 kt
  • a free-form authorisation, provided that it includes equivalent information as the form.

The TE Office will request to see the original written authorisation. Despite the authorisation, the TE Office may require the authorisation provider to be present or manage his or her issues in person.

Instructions for customers registered as jobseekers

Customers registered as jobseekers must manage their issues as required by the TE Office in order to retain the validity of the job search. Jobseekers primarily manage their issues in person, but you may authorise another person to manage some of the issues for you. No authorisation is required from personal assistants as they act together with you.

However, the authorisation may not be used for purposes such as

  • beginning a job search
  • notifying of changes to, or ending of, job search
  • managing issues that require personal attendance.

Your separate consent is required if the authorised representative needs secret information concerning your financial status and health for the purpose of managing your issue. The consent is concerned with the disclosure of information only to the extent required by the representative to manage the issue.

te-updated 14.03.2023