TE Offices as an employer

The Employment and Economic Development Office, or the TE Office, is a state authority that organises and produces employment and economic development services. We provide diverse services for jobseekers, employers, and entrepreneurs. We help jobseekers find work quickly, improve the availability of a skilled workforce, and safeguard companies’ operating environments.

There are 15 regional TE Offices in Finland with a total of about 3,000 professional employees. We also cooperate extensively with regional and national actors and partners.

TE Office for jobseekers

We help jobseekers by finding and offering jobs. We also provide advice and coaching in job search. We provide information on educational options, fields of education and occupation, and the funding of studies.

Jobseekers also have the opportunity to partake in confidential guidance discussions with our psychologists, who provide help in matters related to career selection and career planning. We also offer career coaching in which jobseekers can gain a better understanding of their career choices and career options.

In addition to providing services, we also examine our clients’ labour policy prerequisites for receiving unemployment benefits and give labour policy statements to the payers of the benefit.

TE Office for employers and entrepreneurs

We know the needs of the enterprises, labour markets and jobseekers. To employers, we offer tailored solutions and support in recruitment issues: finding and training new personnel, salary costs, and reducing and replacing personnel. We also help to find suitable workforce elsewhere in Europe.

We support and advise entrepreneurs who are establishing a company. Start-up entrepreneurs receive training and information from us in matters related to entrepreneurship. We also offer help in matters related to income, such as applying for a start-up grant and unemployment security. We are part of a regional business services network, which means that entrepreneurs gain access to extensive expertise in entrepreneurship matters throughout the field.

Become a part of our team

We are constantly looking for fresh blood on our team. We employ employment experts in diverse positions related to employment services and business services. The positions are socially significant, as they enable you to influence the promotion of employment in your region in many areas. Additionally, our offices offer diverse supervisory, management, and special positions in such areas as communications, psychology, and legal services. Check out our vacancies and apply for a position according to the instructions in the application instructions. We will be in contact with you during the recruitment process.

How the recruitment process progresses

In the application phase, we ask you to submit your work history and education via our application site. In most of our recruitments, we will not accept separate attachments such as certificates of employment, CVs, or application letters. Let your enthusiasm and motivation shine through the application letter. If you wish, you will be able to update your application during the application period.

At the end of the application period, we will contact the persons who will be invited to an interview. Our interviews are traditionally individual or group interviews or combinations of the two in a two-step process. Our interviews are conducted face-to-face or through video connections, for example via Microsoft Teams. In the interview, we also want to tell you more about the position and working with us.

After the interview, we will contact the interviewees. Hopefully we can tell you the good news; that you have been selected for the position. At this stage, we will also agree upon the details and practical matters about starting in your new position. The state does not conclude a written employment contract with those who have been appointed public servants. Instead, a decision on the appointment will be made. You will receive the decision on the appointment by e-mail or by letter, depending on your choice.

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