Start-Up Plus service can boost your company's sales and marketing!

The aim of the Start-Up Plus service is to enable new entrepreneurs to grow their business and ensure its profitability. The service also provides the entrepreneur with various actionable proposals.

The service focuses especially on the development of the entrepreneur's sales and marketing skills. If necessary, the service can also provide further consultation. These measures support the goal that the entrepreneur has identified needs for development, is able to take corrective measures, and can implement them in practice.

For whom?

The service accepts applications from customers of the Uusimaa TE Office and municipal pilot municipalities who have started a business with a start-up grant or on unemployment benefits. Applicants must have been involved in their business for at least 3 months before enrolling.

The service is personal and can only be used once in the early stages of a business. When an entrepreneur customer has registered for the service, the Uusimaa TE Office assesses the customer's service needs and makes the decision on ordering the service based on it.

The service is free of charge for entrepreneurs.

For more information, please contact the specialists at the Uusimaa TE Office at:

Information on Start-Up Plus service

  • The basic content of the service is the same for every service provider.

    The service includes an initial assessment, a meeting, a development plan, and the opportunity to receive further consultation. The ways of implementing the service may differ from one service provider to another. Check out the service providers' presentations and find the way that is right for you.

    1. Initial assessment 

    Once the service provider has received a service order, they will contact you and survey the situation at your enterprise. The survey can be carried out for example by means of advance assignments completed by you or by means of an interview. After the survey, you will agree on a meeting time together.

    2. Meeting 

    The duration of the meeting is at least 1.5 hours. The aim of the meeting is to find the most suitable ways to develop your business and entrepreneurial competence. The emphasis is on developing sales and marketing skills.

    At the meeting, the service provider will go through the following topics from the point of view of your business:  

    • Products and sales channels 
    • The market conditions  
    • The customer purchasing process 
    • Sales goals: plans and calculations, tracking results 
    • Profitability of sales and pricing 
    • Customer relationship management and acquisition of new customers  
    • Marketing plan 
    • Preconditions and opportunities for profitable growth 
    • Sales and marketing skills, the need for possible external resources 


    The service provider can also review with you other factors than the ones mentioned above that affect the profitability of your business operations.  

    3. Development plan 

    Based on the meeting, the service provider draws up a sales and marketing development plan for your company. The plan is a tool that considers your company's situation and that you can use, update, and supplement in the future as well. The plan includes a summary description of the current situation and areas for sales and marketing development. The main focus of the development plan is on concrete recommendations for action: how can development targets and challenges be solved with the resources of your company.  

    4. Possibility of further consultation

    If you wish, you can arrange 1 to 4 additional free meetings. The duration of each follow-up counselling appointment is 1 to 2 hours. The aim of further counselling is to provide you with support for developing your sales and marketing skills and to make you able to further concrete development measures. The topics for further counselling are planned together before the start of further consultation.

  • “It's great that this kind of service and help for new entrepreneurs is possible. It seems amazing that I didn't even have to pay for it. I got a clear action plan on how to proceed from here, thank you!”

    “Extremely expert service! Useful practical advice to clarify my idea for a business concept, channelling it to an audience that seems to have potential.”

    “It was really nice to hear new suggestions for marketing, even though I thought I had already tried everything.”

    “The level of service quality surprised me positively. Tips and concrete suggestions for business activities given by a professional and follow-up meetings for free. Thank you.”

    “An extremely important service for a beginning entrepreneur. I received targeted help exactly for the situation and the problems that were topical during the service. With the help of the service, I was able to move forward in an absolutely essential way.”

    ”Definitely a service very useful if you are a solopreneur. Really good to have a brainstorming partner and someone to ask leading questions.”

    “This came in handy, as I had already thought about quitting entrepreneurship altogether.”

    ”It is an excellent opportunity given to new entrepreneurs like me in starting a completely new business. The meeting helped in figuring out overall development areas of my business and strengthen its online presence. I implemented most of the suggestions given in this meeting and got two customers already.”

How do I choose a service provider?

Following service providers offer the service in English: Accelerando Oy, Arvoverkko Oy, Business Engine, evida & Co, Pro Growth Consulting Oy, Uusyrityskeskukset ja Y4 Works Oy.

Our service providers offer the service face-to-face or remotely via a video connection. In face-to-face meetings, the meeting takes place in the service provider's office. If necessary, the meeting place can be discussed separately if the distance is long.

Please note that our service providers Arvoverkko Oy, evida & Co and Business Engine offer service only remotely.

You are free to choose your preferred service provider by visiting the following presentation pages:

How do I sign up?

Registration for the service ended on May 15, 2024.

Päivitetty: 16.05.2024