If you want to learn more on living and working in Finland, please have a look at  video series called Ymmärrä Suomea which means Understanding Finland. These videos have been produced in several languages and are available on Kotona Suomessa, At Home in Finland, YouTube channel:

Registration without online banking credentials

If you do not have online banking credentials or are a third country national, you can choose between two options:


If you need help, our advisers will help you in the entrance lobby of the TE Office.

When you visit the TE Office for the first time, bring the following documents with you:

  • your passport or identity card
  • your residence permit and/or a certificate of registration of the right of residence of a Union citizen issued by the police for EU citizens
  • if possible, an extract from the population register from a Local Register Office, or another document to prove that you have a Finnish personal identity code (e.g. a Kela card)

You are personally responsible for providing the TE Office with up-to-date information about your permits. This will ensure that your status as a TE Office client remains valid and that you can use our services.

  • Ensure that your residence permit and passport remain in force. Apply for a new residence permit or passport before the previous one expires. Provide the TE Office with proof that you have applied for a new residence permit or passport.
  • When you receive a new residence permit, send or bring a copy of it to the TE Office. If your residence permit expires and you have not applied for a new residence permit in time, payment of your unemployment benefit may be interrupted. (If you submit certificates and permits to the TE Office, first agree with the TE Office staff on how to deliver them)