How to register as a jobseeker

If you are a citizen of Finland or an EU or EEA Member State you can register as a jobseeker by using TE Office's online service (E-services/Oma asiointi) at (in Finnish or Swedish). It is possible to register to the E-services with your personal online banking codes, a mobile certificate from your mobile operator or with your smart ID card.

People coming from outside the EU and the EEA countries complete the registration form available on the internet and deliver it to the TE Office by email or by post. You can find the form and other information from our website. Complete this form only if you are unable to use the TE Office's online services.

Send all documents:

Lapin TE-toimisto, PL 1000, 96101 Rovaniemi or

Register as an unemployed jobseeker no later than on your first day of unemployment. Once you have registered with the TE Office as an unemployed jobseeker and applied for unemployment benefit, TE Office will issue a labour policy statement on your eligibility for the benefit. Please note that you are only eligible for unemployment benefit from the day you have registered as an unemployed jobseeker.

It is not possible to conduct your business at the TE Office without making an appointment. Therefore, you should not visit the TE Office without an appointment. You can leave a contact request at E-services or by calling to our service numbers.

  • Telephone service for personal customers: 0295 020 713 (Mon-Fri 9 am to 4.15 pm)​

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