Coaching services in English

In job coaching services you will get support and guidance in your job search. You will improve your job seeking skills and learn how to apply for a job independently in a goal-oriented manner using different job search channels. Job coaching services are suitable for you if you have sufficient education or experience to find employment, but your job search documents need updating and you want up-to-date information about the job market.

In career coaching services you will get support and guidance for career planning and finding employment. Career coaching services are suitable for you if you need information and support to clarify your career choices and you want to examine career opportunities and develop your working life skills. Career coaching services are for you if, for example, you want to change career or have been away from working life for some time.

Job coaching and career coaching services are free of charge and are offered to   all customers of the TE Office and Local government pilots on employment in Uusimaa. You can apply for the coaching services by getting in touch with your contact person via E-Services (Oma asiointi) or by filling in the application form, which can be found in the more detailed coaching descriptions in the menu on the left. Please note that participation in coaching services is mandatory once agreed in your plan.

Päivitetty: 18.08.2023