null People receiving temporary protection have the right to work in Finland

After you have applied for temporary protection, you will be registered at a reception centre where the staff will help you. If you want to work, the reception centre can refer you to an Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) that helps jobseekers. The TE Office will advise you in your job search and can offer you services that promote your employment. For example, you may attend a Finnish or Swedish language course. Find more information on our website:

If you want customer service in Russian, please click here:

Here you can find instructions that will help you find a job in Finland (in Ukrainian):

Have a look at a video (in English, Ukrainian and Russian) which describes the right of refugees from Ukraine to work in Finland. The video also provides advice on how to apply for work and recalls that the terms of employment and pay apply to everyone in Finland.


Päivitetty: 18.08.2023